Notebook Phase

Installation & short film, 6 minutes, 2011
Concept, Animation, Sound: Philipp Artus

Notebook Phase is a minimalist animation that unites complementary opposites through movement and sound. It portrays a whimsical figure in between nature and technique, noise and silence, structure and freedom.



In the installation the animation is projected on the screen of a notebook sculpture. The keyboard of the notebook is replaced by a waterbowl, in which the projection is reflected. The water surface is moved by sound, thus forming wave patterns that correspoond to the animation. The viewer can observe both: the computer generated image as well as its distorted reflection on the water.

Front View.jpg

Short Film

Essentially, the whole animation, in which a figure juggles with a circle and a notebook, is based on a single movement pattern varied only through minimal transformations. Both, the movement of the figure as well as its sound are controlled by pure sine waves. The result is an almost synesthetic relationship in which the viewer seems to see the sound and to hear the movement.