light drawings

platinum light drawings, 2016/2017
concept, code and images: Philipp Artus
laser engine: Jakob Penca

The FLORA light drawings are traces of abstract motion frozen in time. All the shapes are generated by the FLORA algorithm which is based on my studies of animation and locomotion. When working with the FLORA installation I take a huge amount of snapshots, similar to a photographer. Out of this preselection there are a few shapes that seem to become alive, which then become part of the FLORA light drawing series.

FLORA  wave

FLORA wave

FLORA  beauty

FLORA beauty

FLORA  dancer

FLORA dancer

FLORA  curtain

FLORA curtain

FLORA  flower

FLORA flower

FLORA  totem

FLORA totem

FLORA  flow

FLORA flow

FLORA  vagina

FLORA vagina

FLORA  loom

FLORA loom

FLORA  flowerscape

FLORA flowerscape


To create these light drawings I developed a unique printing method that combines analogue photography and a laser projector. The laser "draws" with light directly onto the sensitized surface of the paper, which results in extremly thin and delicate lines.


In order to sensitize the paper I use the chemicals of platinum/palladium printing – an alternative photographic process based on noble metals that react to ultraviolet light. This process offers an exceptionally large tonal range, is very permanent and results in a non-reflective surface that looks similar to a charcoal drawing.

FLORA  flowerscape  detail

FLORA flowerscape detail